A user friendly app designed for MIEN Noodle, a fusion noodle restaurant project.
This user centric app will prioritize accessibility, providing allergen information, and exceptional user experience

In today's fast paced world, the restaurant industry faces challenges in meeting the diverse needs of customers. This includes efficient communication in allergen information and providing accessibility for marginalized groups such as the deaf community or those with social anxiety.  
By developing an app that combines accessibility, inclusivity, and streamlined communication, we can bridge the gaps that exist in the current restaurant landscape. This app would not only enhance customer satisfaction but also open up new opportunities for restaurants to cater to a wider range of individuals, fostering a more inclusive and accommodating dining culture. 

App Store Mockups


MIEN app demo

I wanted to create a unique app interface that allowed the consumer the ability to order from an online menu while easily being able to reference allergen information. The app needed to be refreshing and aesthetic without compromising ease of use.
Deaf Advocate for Sustainability
Background: Emma is a passionate advocate for sustainability and has been deaf since birth. She enjoys exploring different restaurants and trying diverse cuisines. As a young professional in her mid twenties, she leads a busy lifestyle but values the dining experience as a way to connect with friends and indulge in her love for food.
Seamless Ordering: Emma prefers using apps to streamline the ordering process, especially in situations where staff may not be familiar with sign language. She appreciates the convenience of browsing menus, customizing her order, and making payments directly through the app.
Sustainability Focus: Emma actively supports environmentally friendly practices. She appreciates restaurants that prioritize sustainability, such as offering plant-based options, locally sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. She is likely to choose restaurants that align with her values.​​​​​​​
Accessible Information: Emma looks for restaurants that provide clear information about their accessibility features, such as wheelchair access and availability of visual menus. She appreciates detailed descriptions and reviews that consider the overall dining experience, including noise levels and lighting conditions.​​​​​​​
Background: Alex is a young professional in their late twenties who faces severe social anxiety. They find dining out to be an overwhelming experience due to crowded spaces, unfamiliar environments, and interactions with strangers. Alex also has specific dietary restrictions due to food allergies, making it crucial to have clear communication about ingredients and meal options.
Minimize Social Anxiety: Alex seeks an app that allows them to browse and order from restaurants without the pressure of face-to-face interactions or crowded spaces. They value an app that enables them to have control over the ordering process and minimizes social anxiety triggers.
Easy Communication of Dietary Restrictions: Alex prioritizes an app that offers clear communication channels to convey their dietary restrictions accurately. They appreciate detailed ingredient lists, allergen information, and customization options to ensure a safe dining experience.​​​​​​​
Order History and Favorites: Alex finds it helpful to have an order history and the ability to save favorite dishes or restaurants within the app. This allows for quick reordering and helps reduce decision-making anxiety.
Overwhelming Dining Environments: Alex feels overwhelmed by crowded and noisy restaurants, which triggers their social anxiety. This often leads to avoidance of dining out or feeling restricted to familiar establishments.
Unclear Communication of Dietary Restrictions: Alex faces difficulties in effectively communicating their dietary restrictions to restaurant staff, leading to concerns about the safety of their meal. This can result in limited dining options or increased anxiety when eating out.
Limited Communication: Emma encounters challenges when staff members are not familiar with sign language or unable to effectively communicate with her. This can hinder her overall dining experience and make her feel excluded.
Inconsistent Sustainability Practices: Emma finds it frustrating when restaurants claim to prioritize sustainability but lack transparency in their practices. She appreciates accurate information on sustainable initiatives to make informed dining choices.

​​​​​​​In order to recognize each sub brand's individuality, the MIEN app provides the option to shop each from each cuisine's menu separately or altogether.
giving the user full control of their ordering experience.
Upon scrolling, the MIEN app provides stunning photographs of menu items. 
Linger on any image to activate an overlay detailing the dish's name, country of origin, and allergen information
Easily navigate the MIEN app with the hamburger menu. 
purchase gift cards, browse additional merch, or order from the nearest MIEN noodle location
PROBLEM: Currently the logos in the upper right hand corner can be utilized as a home icon, this is a confusing to those who are not familiar with the app.
SOLUTION: Create a sticky footer that includes a home icon, shopping cart, and favorited products.
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