Who are we?
Húlu Cocktails is a traveling bar truck that blends adulting with childhood nostalgia

Inspired by my Chinese American upbringing, Húlu creates a line of alcoholic beverages flavored with the familiar sweets and treats I (and countless Asian Americans) loved growing up These flavors include:
Branded with stories and folklore passed down through generations, the playful packaging aims keeps these stories alive
Monkey King
Persimmon Flavor

The Monkey King is well known to be witty, clever, and bold. Just like the it's namesake, the Monkey King Cocktail represents the bold flavors and attitudes of our drinkers.
Lucky Bunny
White Rabbit Candy Cocktail

According to Chinese folklore, the jade rabbit brews immortality on the moon, Lucky bunny cocktail won't grant immortality but it's just as sweet.
Lion Dance
Taro coconut cocktail

The Lion Dance every lunar new year wards off evil and brings luck, we argue that Lion Dance cocktail does the same. (These statements are not backed by the FDA)
1000 Cranes
Guava cany flavored cocktail

According to legend, folding a thousand paper cranes grants you a wish. 1000 Cranes cocktail can't grant wishes but will encourage you to peruse your dreams. We do not recommend drinking 1000 at a time.
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